To reduce unemployment, increase employment opportunities for all, improve the quality of life and provision of basic needs, giving emphasis to the plight of the urban poor, daily earners and marginalized workers, the disadvantaged and persons with disability, and those who have lost their jobs and whose livelihoods are affected by natural calamities, pandemic and the like.


To institute an effective framework and easy access to affordable but quality healthcare for all people of Muntinlupa City, giving emphasis on their physical as well as mental health, safety and well-being, including the eradication of malnutrition, availability of sanitation and clean water


To provide high-quality free or affordable education and learning in and out of the school, to encourage self sufficiency and thus build a sustainable future for the residents of Muntinlupa City.


To work towards the further development and progress of Muntinlupa City and its people in terms of infrastructure, favorable business and investment environment, innovative governance systems and solutions, and use of technology for effective and efficient delivery of services, with community consultation and participation in local governance. Human resource development in government shall be given focus to attain high performance standards in public service


To implement programs for the preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment, sustainability of clean water and air, effective waste management and disposal, and such other measures to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change.


To guarantee social justice where its 5 principles, namely Access to Resources, Equity, Participation, Diversity and Human Rights are considered in the formulation of policies, and to promote inclusivity, fairness and equality in the treatment of persons regardless of faith, gender, age, sector, socio-economic status or ethnic origin.

To ensure the safety and security of the people from threats of accidents, injury, violence and crime, the City Government of Muntinlupa together with the Attached National Government Agencies implements intensified modern security measures, effective law enforcement and emergency services as well as capacity-building on disaster resilience.

Under the Kaayusan at Kapayapaan Agenda, focus areas are traffic management, crime prevention and control, drug abuse prevention and control, fire safety, jail management, utilization of manpower complement to deter crimes, and disaster resilience and management.