Brgy. Sucat


Purok 4, M.L. Quezon Road, Brgy. Sucat, Muntinlupa City


  • To preserve and promote a business friendly environment;
  • To provide efficient basic social services;
  • To develop a progressive community who are eco-savers and preservers;
  • To establish a well-planned infrastructure which is adaptive to climate change and resilient to natural hazards, and;
  • To institutionalize transparent and responsible local governance.


We envision Barangay Sucat as a leading investment hub in the City of Muntinlupa, with highly competitive and healthy citizenry, living in a sustainable, clean, and safe environment, governed by transparent and responsible leadership


Sucat got its name from the vernacular word “SUKAT” which means “measurement.”  Prior to its establishment during the Spanish era, the community was measured several times by the Posadas Family when Don Juan Posadas was in power, being the then Mayor of Maynilad (now City of Manila), who at that time had a very close connection with the Spanish government officials.  Don Juan Posadas was able to acquire all the land he wanted to measure in the entire community.  He was able to build a mansion house called “Hacienda Rosario,” named after his wife Rosario.  The neighboring area is composed of three (3) sections, namely:  Ibaba, Ilaya, and Daang Hari.

During the Spanish occupation, a battle also took place in this small community of Sucat between the forces of the Spaniards and the Americans. Most of the residents went to the nearby places of Laguna, Parañaque, Bulacan and Cavite. When the U.S. won said battle, all the residents returned to Sucat.

In 1929, an agrarian conflict between the residents of Sucat and Don Juan Posadas ensued when the latter declared that he is the owner of the entire community and the pioneer residents as tenants only. Because of his connection with the Spanish Government, he was able to secure all the legality of the documents and demanded that the tenants should pay the rentals to the land they occupied. The court decided in favor of the Posadas.

After several years following its progress, the community was named Barrio Sucat. A railway bound for south and its station was constructed in 1906; the first means of transportation going to the nearby town was through a horse, carabao and “kalesa”; the first school class was established in 1913, and seven (7) years later the first elementary school, where Sucat Elementary is now situated was constructed in 1913. In 1920, the road made up of gravel and sand from Pasig going to Taguig up to Muntinlupa (such as the barrios of Buli, Cupang, Alabang, Bayanan and Putatan) was opened. In 1937, a Long Distance Telephone Company with a radio station, where Patio Homes and Corinthian Village are now situated, was constructed by the Americans. During that time, a person by the name Don Mariano San Pedro y Esteban came out and claimed ownership of Barrio Sucat.

During the Japanese occupation in 1944, the railroad station and the Hacienda Rosario was bombed and Pedro Diaz was the appointed mayor. A guerilla movement headed by Baldomero “Bandong” Viñalon and Captain Leandro N. Lonzame was organized and many members of this movement were killed and executed. Records show that during the Japanese era, a garrison/camp was established on the site of the bombed railway station and another was built on the higher ground of Sucat where the Miraculous Medal of Posadas now lies.

The Barangay Leaders Year 1959 To 2018

  • Nicanor Lonzame - 1959 to 1964
  • Catalino Santos - 1964 to 1967
  • Apolonio Rongavilla - 1967 to 1982
  • Dante Almario - 1982
  • Domingo D.C. Nuilan - 1982 to 1987
  • Valeriano Simbre (OIC) - 1987 to 1988
  • Gerardo Molera (OIC) - 1988 to 1989
  • Efipanio Salvador - 1989 to 2002
  • Rafael T. Sevilla - 2002 to 2008
  • Renato R. So - September 08 to November 2010
  • Marmeto Sevilla, Jr. - 2010 to 2018
  • Rafael T. Sevilla - July 2018


Geographical Loaction

Barangay Sucat is geographically located on a flat higher plain along the edge of Laguna de Bay, bounded on the north by Brgy. Bagumbayan, Taguig City; on the south by Brgy. Buli; on the west by Parañaque City, and on the east by Laguna de Bay. Its total land area is about 262.3 hectares consisting of 6 Puroks, 2 Sitios, 6 ISF communities, and several high-rise condominiums and subdivisions.

Land Area

Barangay Sucat has a total land area of 265 hectares as per Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly known as National Statistics Office (NSO), official figure or 6.7 percent of Muntinlupa’s total land area, the third smallest barangay in the City.

Land Area

Area in Sq. Km. - 2.65
Land Area - 265
Percentage - 6.7%

*Source: CPDO, 2015

Area Per Purok

Purok 6 .0504 5.04
Purok 4 .0386 3.86
Purok 3 .0662 6.62
Purok 2 .060 6.09
Purok 1 .0191 1.91
Creek Side .0104 1.04
Tramo Heights .07 7.00
Sitio Pagkakaisa .0525 5.25
Upper Sucat .0149 1.49
Bagong Silang .0342 3.42
Others (Subdivisions, Roads, etc.) 2.2328 223.28
TOTAL 2.6491 265

*Source: CPDO,2019

Barangay Council

  • Hon. Rafael T. Sevilla - Punong Barangay
  • Kgwd. Filomena Tolentino - Kagawad
  • Kgwd. Elisa C. Arevalo - Kagawad
  • Kgwd. Clemente De Mesa - Kagawad
  • Kgwd. Jeramel V. Mendoza - Kagawad
  • Kgwd. Nicomedes S. Ebay - Kagawad
  • Kgwd. Charito M. Molera - Kagawad
  • Kgwd. Wilson L. Lopena - Kagawad
  • Ramon Paolo S. Tolentino - SK Chairman
  • Bobby L. Velasco - Brgy. Secretary
  • Erlinda De Guzman - Brgy. Treasurer

Contact Information

Hon. Rafael T. Sevilla (Punong Barangay)  - 8 553 9390
Mary Jane Casanova (Nurse) - 09998342716
Margie Rongavilla (Health Center Personnel - COVID 19 Monitoring) - 09498355484
Mary Anne Dimasaca (Brgy. Central Radio Operator - Communications Network) - 09292284159
Pablo Beltran (Emergency & Rescue Department Head) - 09774223729
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Basta Sucat Sikat