Sign Permit

Structures and commercial spaces that requires signage and equipment.


  1. Application Form signed by owner / applicant, signed and sealed by Engineer / Architect, Forms  are available at the Office of the Building Official
  2. (5) Sets SIGNAGE Plans signed by the owner / applicant , duly signed /sealed by  Engineer / Architect
  3. Updated PTR / PRC of Engineer / Architect
  4. Photocopy  of valid ID of the  owner (Preferably Government Issued ID)
  5. Notarized Authorization Letter to transact in behalf of the owner or SPA from owner
  6. (3) Sets notarized Bill of Materials / Cost Estimate
  7. (3) Sets notarized Specifications
  8. (2) Long Folders (White)
  9. Photocopy of Building Permit / Electrical Permit
  10. Photocopy of Occupancy Permit
  11. Secretary’s Certificate (If Corporation)