Councilor Cornelio M. Martinez – District 2



Born and raised in Baranggay Cupang when Muntinlupa is still part of the Province of Rizal. Councilor Cornelio Miranda Martinez is from the clans of the Mirandas of Sucat and the Martinez's of Cupang. The two families are hardworking farmers and fisherfolks whose source of income is the land they have inherited from their ancestors.

Cornelio, who is fondly called Eliot by his 11 siblings is the ninth child of the brood of 12 children. His mother, who had been a big influence in his life, had been selling the fish caught by their father from the lake. All children helped each other with the chores in the house. Though everyone had a specific task to do tending to their small business, they have spent their childhood playing around in the “aplaya’ and climbing trees in their backyard. Their parents, Delfin and Fortunata had worked hard in providing a good life for the family. The discipline the children received has molded them into what they have become today.

His grade school days are spent in Buli Elementary school and high school in Sacred Heart Institute. His tertiary years were spent at FEATI University. According to some of his classmates, Eliot is a stubborn and playful kid who likes to have fun and play with his friends. His friends can attest how much of a true friend he is as he maintains his friendship with them till now.

Eliot started working during his teen years as a tricycle driver and in his spare time, he helped in the bakery and grocery store of his Inang in Bayanan. This has honed him to become a businessman later in life. Throughout his young adult life, he has worked as a seaman and a BOC police.

He met his wife during his stint as a Customs guard in a garment factory. Their diligence had paid off when their employers gave them the opportunity to get contracts for volume production.  This was the start of their venture into business, their garments business was born from sheer hard work and persistence. Their factory is located in their backyard in Baranggay Cupang. They did contractual work for baby dresses and jeans exported to other countries like the UK and USA.  The other business they have ventured in is the pork supply in canteens and small market stalls. They would buy from small piggeries in their barangay and sold them for a profit.

And in life there are ups and downs, they had to shut down their garment factory for some unavoidable reasons but it did not hinder them to create another business. Their pork supply continued but they have added the dressed chicken to their source of income. They opened up a stall in BF and then in Pilar wet market selling pork and chicken.

Opportunity struck when they hit the water business. They started with supplying water to households in areas where water supply is low. Cornelio had a light bulb idea, if households in the Paranaque are low in water, how much more the businesses in the area in need of water. So, he hit the road and inquire about supplying water in some factories. Most of the factories are really low in supply and it started the C.M. Water Supply. Big companies like Analog Devices, Philacor, Nonwoven Philippines were some of the companies they supplied. Management of the businesses fell into the hands of his wife, Neneth without his wife’s help, management of the business would have been difficult to do. Their teamwork made their business ventures work.

The water supply business is flourishing but it did not keep Cornelio and Neneth in making another business, they set out to make another one, The aluminum recycling center.

His first taste of politics was the time he ran for Baranggay captain of Cupang. Unfortunately, he was not victorious in it. During this time, his second daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The fight for his daughter did not end the way he wanted. Devastated, they pour themselves into their work and had built other businesses. The best trait of Cornelio is his confidence in starting something with his courage at hand together with the support of his wife, he knows it will be successful.

The noodle factory is one of his big business venture, he has been manufacturing pancit canton, miki and miswa for more than 15 years serving Metro Manila and the CALABARZON.

Politics came knocking again in 2019 when he became a last minute option candidate to replace a re-electionist in the Team Fresnedi ticket. The campaign period was quite challenging because he had to do a quick run through of what the veterans had been doing for some time. As a newbie, though his family name is known in Muntinlupa, he still had to introduce himself to everyone. With only 45 days to campaign, his team sacrificed a lot of time and effort for it to be smooth sailing. In the end, together with the help of his siblings and family, miraculously he pulled through. He became district two councilor of the city.

But life has its ups and downs, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, his family was one of those affected tragically, His wife, Neneth succumbed to the disease. No words can describe the devastation that hit his family the second time death came knocking at their door. Together with his three remaining children, they had to accept the reality of living without their beloved wife and mother. He has poured himself into his work in his several businesses and politics to ease the pain of his loss.

Cornelio has found his purpose in serving his fellow Muntinlupeños. As chairman of Livelihood and Cooperatives committee, He served the people by supporting the cooperatives which in turn, supports the various communities within the city. The coordination of his office with the Dagdag Puhunan program of then Mayor Atty. Jimmy R. Fresnedi has helped in the additional capital of small and micro business owners. As a second term councilor, he vows to continue his work with the people. As what his tagline says, “Dama ang Malasakit kay Konsi Pansit”.