Department of Internal Audit


Mr. Noel Edward S. Morales

3rd Floor, Plaza Central Building, Poblacion, Muntinlupa City

Contact Information:
Telephone No.: (02) 8 403-7117
E-mail: [email protected]


Department of Internal Audit, created through the City Ordinance No. 18-187, under the direct supervision and control of the City Mayor. It is a component of the internal control system and a strategic function in ensuring good governance throughout the bureaucracy.

City Ordinance No. 18-187 provides that:

“Section 2. Creation - the Department of the lnternal Audit (DlA) is hereby created of which shall be under the administrative supervision and control of the City Mayor providing for its powers, duties and functions, its personnel composition and designation, appropriating funds thereof and for other purposes;”

Moreover, Internal Audit Manual for Local Government Units states that:

Authority and Confidentiality

“Based on the audit objectives and subject to compliance with the internal security policies of public service organizations, the LCE shall authorize internal auditors to have full, free, and unrestricted access to all functions, premises, assets, personnel, records, and other documents and information that the Head of Internal Audit (HoIA) considers necessary in undertaking internal audit activities.

The internal auditor shall respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of performing the audit activities. Unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose, the Internal Auditor shall not use or disclose any such information without proper and specific authority. Likewise, confidentiality is not only a matter of disclosure of information but includes the prohibition on the use information for personal advantage or for the advantage of a third party.

The HoIA and the individual internal audit staff are responsible and accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of the information they receive during the course of their work.

Professional Competence

The internal auditor shall maintain high standards of competence and the highest degree of professional integrity, both in the technical and ethical sense, commensurate with his/her responsibilities and mandated functions. He/she must possess and continually develop the knowledge, skills, and other competencies needed to perform their responsibilities to enhance the quality of the audit.”


A highly-valued partner of the government, responsive to the call for good governance, with integrity, accountability, and excellence through effective and efficient internal audit system in fostering public service transparency and achieving the highest quality standards in the bureaucracy.


To institutionalize the role of professional internal auditors as invaluable support to the Local Chief Executive by performing objective and independent audit through effective monitoring and strengthening of internal control systems to ensure effective, efficient, ethical, and economical operations of the local government.

Service Pledge

The Department of Internal Audit commits to:

  • Give an appropriate advice to the Local Chief Executive on all matters relating to management control and operations audit;
  • Properly conduct management and operations audits of departments under the jurisdiction of the City Government of Muntinlupa and as planned in the Annual Work Plan, to determine the degree of compliance with their mandate, policies, government regulations, established objectives, systems, procedures/ processes and contractual obligations;
  • Review and appraise systems and procedures/ processes, organizational structure, assets management practices, financial and management records, reports and performance standards of the different offices covered;
  • Analyze and evaluate management deficiencies and assist top management by recommending realistic courses of action;
  • Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned or delegated by the Local Chief Executive, or as may be required by law.

Service Process