General Services Office


Acting Head:
Ms. Amelia Rose U. Casiguran

2nd Floor, Main Building, City Government of Muntinlupa

Contact Information:
Telephone Nos.: 8 862-5355 / 8 862-5356 / 8 862-6472


  1. Procurement of office supplies, equipment, furniture, I.T. equipment, and services used for the City operation.
  2. Custodian of delivered office supplies and materials for general use.
  3. Accounting and inventory of supplies and materials, furniture and equipment and all properties owned by the City.
  4. Custodian of Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Coverage of all service vehicles owned by the City.
  5. Registered and insured all Service vehicles owned by the City.
  6. Maintenance and cleanliness of departments/offices and City hall premises.
  7. Issuance of gasoline allocation to all department and offices, public schools and satellite offices of the national government i.e. police department, fire department BJMP, RD, etc.

Procurement Office Service Standard

Contracting Business with the City Government


Suppliers who wish to transact business with the City Government of Muntinlupa must establish to the satisfaction of the Bids and Awards Committee that they are the legitimate suppliers/distributors of their product and therefore must submit the following pre-qualification documents.

  1. Company Profile

The company must have been in continuous business operation for at least two (2) years, and must submit photocopy of its certificate of registration issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its articles of incorporation to prove its legal personality as a prospective supplier/vendor, or business registration from the Department of Trade and Industry for single proprietor.

2. Tax Clearance and Audited Financial Statement for the Past Two (2) Year and Income Tax Return

The company must prove that they have been in profitable operation for the past two years.

3. Philippine Government Electronic System Registration Certificate (Philgephs Registration)

The supplier must submit Philgephs registration certificate in compliance with RA 9184.

4. List of Previous Customer

The prospective suppliers/vendors must submit a list of previous customers indicating the addresses and telephone numbers of the customers.

5. Other Permits

Other permit documents to prove authorization and how to show legitimate business operation (e.g. L.T.O; BFAD Analysis for medicines, NTC license for communication equipment or other permit as requires)

Procurement Process Flow

  1. Approved letter request together with a Purchase Request and a Canvass. Recorded at the receiving section.
  2. Approved request together with the Purchase Request and Canvass and Obligation Request forwarded to the General Services Office for appropriate action.
  3. Purchase Request, controlled & numbered together with the letter-request and Canvass and Obligation Request transmitted to the Office of the Administrator or at the Office of the Mayor for approval/appropriate action.
  4. Upon approval of the City Mayor or the City Administrator the documents are returned to our Office for recording/controlling then transmitted to the Budget Office for budget charging.
  5. The Budget Office transmits the charged/obligated documents to the Bids and Awards Committee. If the amount is Php 1,000,000.00 or below, other mode of procurement will be appropriate and whenever the amount exceed Php1,000,000.00 the same will be posted at the PHilGeps and newspaper for inviting interested suppliers. A pre-bid conference will then be scheduled and the bidding proper schedule will follow suit.
  6. Documents on the procurement of materials for other mode of procurement will be returned to the GSO for preparation/issuance of Purchase Order. Likewise, documents regarding the procurement of materials conducted thru public bidding would be transmitted to GSO for the same purpose.
  7. Prepared Purchase Order is transmitted to the Mayor for signature/approval. Supplier concerned Is informed, a copy of which is furnished them.
  8. Monitoring/inspection of delivery/preparation of Voucher, A.R.E. (Acknowledgment Receipt for Equipment), or I.C.S. (Inventory Custodian Slip) attached for acknowledgement depending on the classification of the materials/goods purchased. A.R.E. for non-expendable items and I.C.S. for semi-expendable items.