Museo ng Muntinlupa


Engr. Allan A. Cachuela

Centennial Ave., Brgy. Tunasan, City of Muntinlupa

Contact Information:
Telephone No.: 8 256-3128 local 100
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Museo ng Muntinlupa
Instagram Account: @museomuntinlupa

About the Museum

Museo ng Muntinlupa (Museo) is a cultural and educational venue of the city of Muntinlupa. It is the primary venue to present and preserve the history, heritage, and culture of the Muntinlupeños for generations to come.

As a city museum, Museo acquires, conserves, researches, communicates, and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of the city of Muntinlupa and its environment. It is the primary institution that forwards the conservation of Muntinlupa’s heritage through research, exhibitions, public programs, and even merchandise.

As a cultural center, it celebrates, fosters, and supports the culture and artistic excellence of the Muntinlupeños through performances, exhibitions, and training.


A premier city museum and heritage center in the Philippines, recognized as a cultural and educational institution and principal venue to feature, promote, conserve and experience the city’s history, heritage, and artistic excellence that will instill pride and continuing appreciation among Muntinlupeños.


  • To serve all Filipinos, particularly all Muntinlupeños;
  • To research and promote significant historical events and personages, lifeways, arts and cultural practices of the communities that form the City of Muntinlupa;
  • To foster and nurture artistic and cultural talents and promote appreciation in the arts;
  • To strengthen the awareness and understanding of the city’s communal values and its identity as a progressive city of the Philippines;
  • To adhere to the latest and internationally-accepted standards in museum design and management.

Core Values

Heritage Center

Museo engages the wider public to take part in their evolving culture. It is a platform for creatives to share our History, their Story, and our Culture to the Community.

Cultural Center

Museo is a platform for Muntinlupa artists to be recognized and acknowledged within their community and the country. As Muntinlupa’s heritage custodian, the museum will align itself with the National through the Philippine Development Plan.

Educational Institution

Museo contributes to the development of well-rounded, global thinking, and youthful Muntinlupeños by bringing arts and culture closer to the community.

Gathering Place

Museo brings wellness in mind, spirit, and body by bringing the community together with activities that inspire oneness and unity amongst individuals for the common good and progress of our community.

Sustainability at Heart

Museo engages the public to take an active role in sustainability, a triple bottom line framework whereby organizations develop and implement not just a traditional economically sustainable strategy but also explicitly include environmental and social sustainable strategies.