Office of the City Veterinarian (OCV)


City Veterinarian:
Dr. Pamela V. Hernandez

4th Floor, Annex Bldg., Muntinlupa City Hall, National Road, Putatan, Muntinlupa City

Contact Information:
Telephone No.: (02) 8 862-3866 loc. 230
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Office of the City Veterinarian Muntinlupa City


To promote a broad based economic growth and business friendly environment for sustainable development, to promote every person from natural and man-made hazards by ensuring strict enforcement of necessary safety measure, to provide quality social services that include education, healthcare, livelihood, and employment, socialized housing, and social assistance, among others, to institutionalize community participation in local governance, environmental protection, and economic development.


We envision the Office of the City Veterinarian of Muntinlupa City to be a model office of dedicated public servants, which maintains the highest degree of professionalism and deep commitment to service, in pursuance of its goal to a healthy population of animals, free from infectious and zoonotic diseases, assurance of safe and quality meat and meat products, while providing honest prompt and courteous service to the constituents of the city.


To provide quality veterinary services with main trust on animal health, animal welfare public health and food security.

Service Pledge

We commit to:

  • To provide at all times Honest, Highly Professional, Efficient, Prompt and Quality Public Service.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system on our processes and programs in compliance to all the requirements of ISO-9001-2008.


Status of Muntinlupa Meat Inspection

As of the moment, Muntinlupa meat inspection division functions in line with the above mentioned services. It is still in need of additional manpower which is an ongoing process with the reorganization in coordination with City human resource management office.

SWOT (Please refer to CMIS Master Development Plan)


The city establishes the CMIS headed by the licensed City Veterinarian. The service is primarily responsible to ensure the safety and quality of meat and meat products in their area.

I. Jurisdiction

  • program implementation, supervision and control of meat inspection and meat hygiene in “AA” and “AAA” meat establishments, information dissemination, training and capacity building, and regulation of meat products.
  • CMIS regulates the preparation, transport, marketing, inspection and hygieneof meat and meat products in “A”, “AA” and locally registered meat establishments. The city veterinarian shall head the personnel and has technical supervision over the CMIS to ensure full implementation of the programs and prescribed powers and functions.
  • Implements city ordinances all pertaining to meat inspection and meat hygiene and imposition of meat inspection fees and charges as to their compliance to national regulations.

II. Registration, Licensing and Accreditation

  • CMIS shall register and issue business permit to all meat establishment to all meat establishments operating in their area of jurisdiction
  • The CMIS shall maintain a city registry of all meat operating in their area of jurisdiction.
  • Transport vehicles accredited by the CMIS shall be used to deliver and transport all meat and meat products within the city.

III. Meat handlers

  • CMIS shall register and issue license to all meat handlers, workers and butchers, in all meat related establishments inside the jurisdiction. Keeps and submits annual updated reports of licensed butchers and other workers.

IV. Meat inspectors

  • CMIS shall maintain registry of all employees assigned in CMIS who have completed the Basic Meat Inspection training.

V. Meat establishment operation

  • The CMIS has the authority monitor and inspect meat related establishments.
  • CMIS shall oversee that the meat establishments maintains good operating condition at all times and complies with hygiene and regulations.
  • The CMIS meat inspectors and veterinarians shall conduct regular visits and monitoring and provide technical services in cities to address problems and conditions of the meat inspection services.

VI. Meat Inspection

  • Issues city ordinances in line with existing National laws.
  • Responsible for delivery of basic meat inspection service
  • Ensure that the standards are being met in the implementation of meat inspection


  • This will be additional service in our existing services.


  • Enforcement is already in place, citations and warnings. This will continue and will be coordinated as always to NMIS especially for major concerns and operation.


  • Legislation is already in place and functional.


  • Inspection in establishments are ongoing, additional manpower can be utilized in abattoir and post abattoir inspection.

Procedural Manual