Amidst the social media age, Mayor Ruffy Biazon reminded the class of 2024 to live life with integrity and purpose beyond online validation.

“Live for others instead of for 'likes.' Think about how we can serve our families, communities, and fellow citizens,” he said in his speech to the graduates.

“Work hard to be a champion, not to chase clout. Strive for excellence and become champions in everything you do,” he added.

Mayor Biazon acknowledged the importance of social media and noted that while likes are not inherently bad, they should not dictate our actions or compromise our values and principles.

He further advised graduates not to be afraid of using social media and technology but reminded them to be responsible both online and offline. He encouraged them to seek out positive role models who inspire them to contribute to their communities.

Graduation ceremonies in public schools in Muntinlupa started on May 29. Mayor Biazon, a staunch advocate of education, continues the legacy of former Mayor and now Congressman Jimmy Fresnedi. More than 80,000 students are scholars of the city. This school year, the city government also provided free school supplies and school shoes to students.

*Source: Public Information Office