Jamboree Lake

Location: New Bilibid Prisons Reservation Area, Poblacion
Often referred to as the "Smallest Lake in the Philippines," the Jamboree Lake was often a site of convergence for Philippine Scouts, earning the lake's name "Jamboree".

Jamboree Lake is the smallest in the Philippines. Upon the transfer of the Bilibid Prison to Muntinlupa, prison inmates from the Cordilleras developed the lands surrounding the lake into terraces that once served as a food production unit for the officials and inmates of the New Bilibid Prison.

A small replica of the Statue of Liberty once stood at the middle of the lake which is now said to be resting at the bottom of the lake. On July 4, 1955, a replacement statue was planted and inaugurated in the middle of the lake during the celebration of the United States Independence Day. Today, the long-standing statue of the Lady of Justice can still be seen at Jamboree Lake, a donation from a Bureau of Prison employee, Mr. Moses Saunar.


*Photo Credit: Kevin Roi Lopez